Pictures with no movement

The one of the weekly challenges is movement. Tonight after dark I tried to photograph rain- the lack of picture tells you how well I did. I also tried moving water in the stream but again nothing useable. These two pictures of yard flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Echinacea both have bees on them. I knew if I waited long enough they would fly. They were apparently very happy right where they were.

20 thoughts on “Pictures with no movement”

  1. Nice photos. I especially like the Queen Anne’s Lace with its subtle nod to the left. Movement after all? I haven’t been disciplined to try the weekly photo challenge, but imagine one would learn a lot from participating.


    1. I participate when I find something in my life that works- the rule of myself is that it has to be my picture or writing. The prompt give me a filter for my mind to look for movement or silence or blue or whatever it is. I keep doing it because it amuses me.


    1. Jakeprinter’s sunday prompt was silence. Except for the song “Sounds of Silence” which someone else did immediately, it is also had to take a picture of.


    1. I am heavy into balance – stillness and movement. I also love Queen Anne’s lace- it grows wild across my lane. I have thought about trying to plant it.


    1. Queen Anne’s lace grows best wild I think. Do you know what habitat it prefers? It brings me joy to celebrate each new flower that opens and to be able to share it with others is just icing on the cake. Two sparrows are having a serious load discussion about something outside my window at the moment – joy surrounds me.


      1. it seems to like hard dry soil with lots of sun. Love that you are enjoying the sparrows. Many would just wish they were quiet. Last night an Eagle called to me as it flew overhead. I felt strangely blessed.


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