Turning brown eyes blue- not a song

The theory that everyone has blue eyes underneath has been batted around for years. I first heard it when I studied iridology. I saw this in the news and was fascinated. The following involves a new surgery that can turn your eyes to blue. Scary thought- the surgery. I left the two links which will take you to the original articles – My excerpts are below.  ps it has nothing  to do with salma hayek except them wondering what she would look like with blue eyes.


NANCY DILLON  Friday, November 04, 2011

WANT TO turn those brown eyes blue — permanently? New surgery can turn brown eyes to blue.  A California inventor says he has developed a new 20-second laser procedure that will turn brown eyes blue, without damaging vision, for around $5,000.

Gregg Homer, founder of Stroma Medical in Laguna Beach, Calif., told the Daily News he’s already tested the irreversible cosmetic treatment on about 12 volunteers in Mexico, safely removing small patches of brown pigment from at least one eye in each subject.

The dramatic switch is possible because all brown-eyed people have blue-looking orbs under the layer of dark pigment that covers each iris, he said.


Greg Homer, founder of Stroma Medical in Laguna Beach, Calif., told the New York Daily News that he has developed a laser that will irreversibly turn brown eyes blue in a 20-second procedure that won’t damage vision, all for around $5,000.  Before you get too angry about Homer’s apparent distaste for those with darker eyes, he says that we all have blue eyes; it’s just that some people have a pesky layer of melatonin pigment covering their baby blues.

22 thoughts on “Turning brown eyes blue- not a song”

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  2. Cosmetic surgery is always culturally relevant! While cosmetic surgery used to be reserved for women, along with unfair comments about the vanity of women, more and more men are seeking to improve their appearance or minimize the effects of aging. The old predominant American blue eyed standard of beauty is diminishing. I for one am glad. Standards of beauty should not be ethnicity specific, but rather individual specific.
    Dr. Branman


    1. No broken heart, my love for my brown eyed friends is strong. Have been thinking about picturing movement – life around me seems to be very full of swirling energy movement but …….happy hugs to you M


    1. It does seem silly. I thought the point was to learn to love ourselves as we are. I have been trying to come up with some reason someone would actually do this surgery. Buying colored contacts seems much easier and safer.


  3. I’ve never heard this theory either but it kind of makes sense since babies all have blue eyes when they’re born. I don’t have brown eyes but I like them. I hope people don’t get rid of them.


  4. Strange thought… although now that I think about it, I’ve heard babies’ eyes are blue when they’re born, but change colour when exposed to light. So it makes sense I suppose. Can they change green or grey eyes too?! (Mine are greyish-green, but I’m quite happy with them that colour!) Thanks, Mountainmae… an interesting thought for the day again! 😀


    1. Back when I first learned this 15 yrs or so, the thought was that the blue underneath was covered by a layer of “something” which could be removed with different cleanses. I was reminded of David Bowie who has one blue eye and one hazel eye. As I learned this morning the hazel eye turned color after a fight when he was 14 but it looks normal just a different color.


    1. The first time I heard it was 15 yrs ago and was extremely doubtful. Now I think it may be true. I would not consider such a surgery but then my eyes are already blue.


      1. Ditto… I can’t imagine going against my eye color like that (especially with that surgery), but my eyes are blue as well! Really interesting.


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