Breakfast with birds & bears

I am still eating berries every morning on our walk up the lane. I try to be fair to the wildlife- one for me and leave two for them. My neighbor and I were talking about the berries and I commented that sometimes the taste is different. I remembered I was a city girl when he said “of course, there are two different plants that grow together, blackberries and black raspberries.” Now that I look more care fully I notice that the raspberry leaves are bigger than the blackberries. I do love learning things but maybe not more than eating these sweet melt-in your mouth treats for breakfast.   And more to come!

20 thoughts on “Breakfast with birds & bears”

  1. Yum! We have black berries and Marrian Berries out here. Not sure of the difference but one is hanging out of the apple tree in my back yard. Can’t wait for my berry walks in the woods 😀


  2. This is my favorite blackberry or raspberry dessert, from Deb at Smitten Kitchen: Put about 2 cups of berries in an ovenproof dish, fold in 2 cups sour cream or plain yogurt, sprinkle 1 cup dark brown sugar on top. Broil ’till the sugar begins to bubble & even scorch a little (it’s like burnt marshmallows, sort oft). It’s delicious, as are the refrigerated leftovers–even though the leftovers look like a really terrible mistake.


  3. How lucky you are to have some in the neighbourhood! 😀 I have always loved berries, but this year I have discovered I adore raspberries! Funny how our tastes change over time…


    1. I was thinking about taste changing the other day. most of my life I Haven’t been able to stand the taste of anything pickled.The other day I tried pickled cauliflower and it wasn’t bad but I would much rather eat berries. I have a lavender question- the top flower on most of the stalks was already dried, did I wait to long or are they usable?


      1. I had exactly the same problem this year… I cut them anyway and have strung them up to dry. They just don’t look quite as nice. I think they’ll be fine, but we will see!


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