The Heart Shaped Garden

Today is a close to home picture post. This little heart-shaped,backyard  flower garden makes me happy. The time has come to harvest the lavender and cut back the knock-out roses so I wanted to take a picture before trimming. The pinks and purples go beautifully together. The term un-gardener seems to fit me, I can’t do big scale but even a little makes me happy. I can’t seem to get the colors to pop on film like they do in real life unless I am close. Why is that?

25 thoughts on “The Heart Shaped Garden”

  1. I just dropped in to say thank you for following along on my joutney by blogging, I look forward to us becoming friends.
    Gorgeous gardens, my hearts delight. I’m so glad you shared. ~ BB


      1. There is something just really charming about small gardens. I leep my small these days as well. Not a choice. I love the little sparrows that visit our yard too, they are such funny liitle critters with sometimes seems like a sense of humor in their play.


  2. that is why we like to take macros – there the camera sees what we do. But the wide view is a battle to make the camera see what I see. today I picked three posies, mostly fragrant leaves, a little lavender, and the only 3 roses that were opening.
    PS thanks for subscribing to my blog


  3. first off great pictures pop or no pop! Early mourning or late evening are called the golden hours by photographers because that’s when the sun is at the right angle to give the best contrast and make things “pop” , doesn’t mean I still don’t run out in my garden and take pictures at noon because everything loos so pretty 😉


  4. Hi Mountainmae. The heart garden looks really pretty. I find early morning or evening light gets better results, and I have a polarising filter on my lens that reduces glare.
    Lavender and roses were made for each other. Are you going to dry your lavender for something special?


    1. I am not sure yet about the lavender, I would like to use some in baking or tea or weaving a wreath. Any suggestion? I know I have seen wonderful things on your blog. My first question is to freeze fresh like in an ice cube tray or to dry them.


      1. For baking I think I’d dry them, but I’ve only used fresh lavender in ice cream so far.
        I dry mine and just put it in little bags in my cupboards and drawers. 😀


  5. Possibly the light? It is so hard to get brilliant colour without over exposing though…I’ve only just learned about some of this stuff though – so by no means mistake me for someone who has a clue lol


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