When good things turn bad


I was quietly sleeping, snug in bed, having a very entertaining         dream. The silence was pierced at 4:40am, with loud, teckno screeching. The trip from sleep to awake was shorter than the moments it took to realize it was the smoke detector was sending the alarm. My sweet Bella was beside herself with distress so I took the time to hug her. Then started looking  for fire or smoke but found neither. Apparently the alarm goes off when the battery is getting low although it had enough power to shatter my world.  Loud noise hinders my ability to think and this was really loud. After finding a sturdy chair and climbing up to get the offending thing from the wall, I could not remember how to open it. I pulled and tugged and twisted to no avail. At this point I congratulate myself for not taking a hammer to it to shut it up but I thought about it. I stopped to take a few relaxation breaths and calm down in spite of the noise. Once I put my glasses on, the battery door became more obvious and after ripping out the battery, silence returned. Ahh so lovely. I tried to go back to sleep which was not happening so I wrote this. Maybe someone else if finishing my dream.

17 thoughts on “When good things turn bad”

  1. Well at least you know it would work if it had to 🙂 Ours just does this sad and continually random beeping when the battery is low – which is somehow more annoying. :Z


  2. He he…I suspect smoke detectors the world over lack batteries as this story is so common. I was watching a TED the other day which indicated that the technology is being developed so we never need batteries again. That would be a big step forward. The reason this technology was developed was because the inventor was woken up three nights in a row by his wife’s mobile beeping because its batteries were going flat.


  3. Why does this seem to happy only during the night? A few years ago we had a similar experience during the night. When my husband got up, set up the ladder, and pulled the battery, the screeching stopped. Well, it stopped for a couple of minutes then proceeded to screech again. It was like we were trapped in an episode of Friends, as when Phoebe ripped out the smoke detector, threw it out in the hall, and it continued to screech. Too funny!


    1. I used the broom handle to get it off the wall. That noise is really loud but serves a useful purpose. I had a habit of changing the battery in the smoke detector on my birthday- the fire department suggested it but now is the time to restart that habit.


    1. Putting on my glasses sooner would have helped a lot! I got to see dawn and hear the birds start their day. I felt very mature- times was the hammer might well have been my go to answer when I could not get it open.


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