Star-light Star-bright

Tonight we had a clear night with million of stars – of course I could only see a few. One of the joys of walking Bella before bed is star gazing. I find a sense of wonder gazing at the constellations.  As kids, the Big Dipper is usually the first pattern of stars we learn to pick out in the sky. But the Big Dipper is not a constellation. The Big Dipper is just a portion of the constellation known as Ursa Major the Great Bear.

I wanted to share this site I found that shows you what the stars and sky look like at your location on any given night.

Don’t forget to make a wish on the first star you see.


12 thoughts on “Star-light Star-bright”

  1. What an amazing interactive map! It’s a shame that if you live anywhere with street lighting you don’t see the stars very well. I’ve seen them at sea like a blanket covered in little lights above, which is incredible as you’d never know they were all there if viewing the sky from a town.


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