When in doubt, turn the compost

Today is Fathers’ Day so as you might guess I have been thinking about my dear departed Dad. I thought of his poem book and maybe posting one of his poems. I have been thinking about all the Dads I know who have passed and what is left when they are gone- the memories of course but also the impact they had on my life.My Dad taught me about the importance of  Beauty and to see it everywhere. He taught me about living with nature and the safety of trusting the rhythm of the cycles of nature- summer always follows spring,etc. He was an organic gardener in the 1950s-before it became popular. When he had something to think about, or was angry or well anytime, he would go out and turn the compost. We used to say his life motto is “When in doubt, turn the compost.” When my folks moved here from NJ, 40 odd years ago they brought with them Dads’ favorite lemon yellow day-lilies.  Today there were 20 blooms.

15 thoughts on “When in doubt, turn the compost”

  1. I have heard that all my life…
    and I use it today in my world…
    Gaia takes all the “whatever’s” and turns it into something useful…
    Wise man your Father was…
    Take Care..


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