My Path through posts I loved today

Today dear reader, I had the time and opportunity to spend (omg) three hours looking at the blogs I follow. When I try to delete some I think of this or that post I am glad I did not miss. There are so many I don’t get to see on a frequent basis. I really appreciate wordpress and the effort and passion that keeps blogs and people going. The following are blogs I loved today. chosen-path/ spoke of a “challenge” / “opportunity” to write for 5 timed mins without edit. An exercise suggested by on the word path. The following is my 5 mins.

 Life is long and I have followed many paths in this life. Moving from state to state, from New England to the desert of New Mexico before ending in North Carolina. I have made some incredible memories- birthing a few babies, saving a few lives and flying a small plane. The choice to become on RN was a good one but not without its challenges. I am caring, nuturing and organized but I am also not able to not take on the feelings or to not be affected by pain and loss and uncertainty that I have done enough. Intellectually I was suited but emotionally it took its toll. Did that make me a better nurse- who knows. I wanted to be an architec but I was told that I was not smart enough and girls did not do that or would they let me take wood shop. I am glad somethings have changed. Life is good. Life is what happens while you are making other plans- probably John Lennon- boy was that true for him.  No edit no judging.  More post to follow- come see.

I also was engaged by the post by . Personal memories of the love of the sea and body surfing and so much more.  Quote from the blog: Humans,’ said Dr. David Relman,  a Stanford microbiologist, are like coral, ‘an assemblage of life-forms living together.’”

Next if a post about the bush/plant goat’s beard and this quote:  What a desolate place would be a world without a flower!  It would be a face without a smile, a feast without a welcome.  Are not flowers the stars of the earth, and are not our stars the flowers of the heaven.” ~  A.J. Balfour

Ice Cream- Does that not bring up a immediate feeling of ice cream dribling down your face. Trying to eat it before it melts?

18 thoughts on “My Path through posts I loved today”

    1. it was much easier than I expected- I set a timer and just typed until the bell rang. I plan to use it to brainstorm some other thoughts. Tell me how you do.


  1. It does take time to read the blogs I follow, but I enjoy them and connecting with people all over the world. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love this idea! Thanks for doing this. And for cheering on WordPress. I too love this platform we all get to enjoy, and the unseen (often unappreciated) work going on behind the scenes so that we can all do this thing we do 🙂


    1. i wish i had more time for following but I try to do my writing first. There actually is a lot of time involved especially if you take your own pictures. i just uploaded 50 pictures out of which I may get one or two.


      1. So true. I cannot believe the amount of time involved not only in the writing part, but the staying in touch with blogs and people we enjoy and want to support. To add one’s own photography to the equation inspires awe.


  3. I enjoyed reading a bit about the path you have taken. you wished to take was blocked from you, it seems that the one you did take has led to rich experiences.
    PS: Thank you for the mention in your blog post 🙂


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