Morning Walk

As Bella and I went for our morning walk today the  the first rays of dawn were lightening the sky. The land had that ethereal  glow that only happens in early morning. I smelled perfume in the air and followed it to the magnolia tree and smiled. The petals of the flower are large and cupped. Last night’s rain had made little drinking cups of the leaves. A phemonon that happens around me all the time but never noticed before. We walked up the lane  breathing and sniffing. Bella stopped and wasn’t sniffing- now that is unusual. She and I watched a two foot long thin snake as it climbed into a crack in a tree.  Is it  poisonous?  His head was round. His back looked like a black and white checkerboard.  Down the road just a piece we found my breakfast. The wild blackberries are ripe. After a little dance of joy I stated picking them and eating as fast as I picked. What a treat. Happy day to all.

8 thoughts on “Morning Walk”

  1. boy I know that berry dance, can’t wait…we don’t get ours until late July…plums should be ripe soon. Thanks for sharing your lovely morning 🙂


  2. my wild blackberries are in full bloom. I can hardly wait. Have to time things just right, though, or the birds get them ahead of me!! They don’t seem to understand that I leave the Elderberries for them so they should leave the blackberries for me!!


  3. Nice post Mountainmae! We don’t have blackberries yet, but I’m currently picking a few wild strawberries from our “wild” bit of garden every day… for the dogs! They love them! 😀


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