Dome of Plenty

I get emails from I have always been fascinated by domes and round houses so of course this caught my eye. Urban sustainable rooftop vegetables and fish. This sounds really doable to me. What do you think? Click on the blue and it will take you to the article. The Globe / Hedron bamboo dome would house an aquaponics system—a mini-ecosystem in which plants clean the water where fish swim and fish waste fertilizes the plants—capable of feeding 16 people year-round. The unique structure of the dome, designed by Conceptual Devices, would support the weight of the fish tank, enabling installation on flat roofs without adapting the structure of the building. The design firm is partnering with Zurich-based group UrbanFarmers, which developed the aqauponic technology, and they’re currently fundraising on indiegogo to get the project off the ground.

The project’s creators promise a harvest of 400 kilograms (about 880 pounds) worth of vegetables and 100 kilograms (about 220 pounds) of fish each year, including everything from tomatoes to spinach to trout. Panels on the dome’s exterior would provide both shade and insulation, allowing the the structure to adapt to local environments, while the compact size and easy assembly would enable it to be shipped around the world.

So really, what do you think?

12 thoughts on “Dome of Plenty”

  1. Perhaps I should find-out those answers. It is made of bamboo which makes it cost effective- or so they say. To make it work it almost need a rooftop or a hilltop where it can get sun 360 degrees


    1. I have stayed in a yurt which is round and I have two friends who have owned deltec houses which are round but with walls. Have you ever seen houses made of foam- probably not- insects like to eat them or something but it was really cool.


  2. Absolutely beautiful… there was an article in Scientific American that I have at home somewhere. I need to track that down for you, as it is all about domes!


  3. They should approach the city of Toronto which is encouraging rooftop gardens in the city. Wouldn’t it be great to fly over our main cities and see green growth and life all around.


  4. Sounds brilliant! I wonder how much maintenance it needs and if it’s really viable. And what it costs! We will see perhaps!


    1. It is made of bamboo which is supposed to be cost effective. It would almost need to be on a rooftop or a hilltop where it could get sun 360 Degrees.


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