White Squirrel Festival

Brevard, North Carolina hosted two “Big Doings” this weekend. The Friends of the DuPont Forest Waterfalls Tour attracted about 500 folks who enjoyed a hike through the  forest to visit the five beautiful falls. ( Actually I have never seen a waterfall I didn’t like.)
This year the White Squirrel Festival had the old Time Music Competition and the White Squirrel Music Festival,plenty of sunshine,  food, booths and the annual boxcars racing down Jailhouse Hill.

Besides the Festival Fun there is a more serious side to celebrate. People working together and thinking up an interesting solution to allow the squirrels to cross a man-made obstruction. These squirrels are about 10 inches long, 3.5 ounces and use folds of skin running from their front to back legs as parachutes to glide from tree to tree. Construction of the 36-mile Cherohala Skyway in 1996 made it nearly impossible for the squirrels to cross portions of the roadway. The population near the road, which links Nantahala National Forest and Robbinsville to Cherokee National Forest and Tellico Plains, Tenn., is one of eight areas of the state where the squirrels are found.  The structures create three sets of launching platforms spaced about 49 feet apart across the road from each other. This is a link to watch the nocturnal animals using the platforms.

Gotta love when people work together and get it right!

5 thoughts on “White Squirrel Festival”

  1. Asheville is lovely, I have spent some time in Black Mt., but I don’t remember seeing any white squirrels ! Thanks for the photos. My boss and I sometimes put snacks out for squirrely so he won’t have to dumpster dive.


    1. I do love this area – I have been here for 25 years and still finding new things to love. The mountains look different everyday. Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Maybe I need to import some White squirrels! These reed squirrels are sharpening their teeth on my house. Perhaps it’s a mating thing. Glad you had so much fun and raised some money 🙂


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