Death came quickly

The phone call we all dread will come
This time it was my turn to hear the news
A dear friend of mine had died
Riding the old pan-head he loved
I want to know “What were his last thoughts?”
I know that doesn’t matter now

He came to visit me 3 years ago
after 30 years apart
We had both grown, lived but changed perhaps
I saw the truck pull in and went to the porch
He got out and I knew him
He looked up, our eyes met and we both smiled from the heart.
It is that smile I remember this morning.

A blog-pal wrote about death this morning (it is Memorial Day weekend)
At the end she offered a free psychic reading
I  paused to see how that felt for me
The decision  was we had loved each other as we were
and had given each other the gift of nothing left unsaid.

23 thoughts on “Death came quickly”

      1. I don’t deal well with it, for me it’s a snowball of pain, each time I loose someone, my heart aches for them, and all the people I’ve lost before them.


  1. give each other the gift of leaving nothing left unsaid-beautiful thought I will hold onto just as much as you will hold dear your friend, many blessings to you. Carol


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