Pretty shooting star

In honor of the eclipse this poem came to mind. It is by Oliver Hereford, a turn of the century american poet.

If this little world tonight/ Suddenly should fall through space/ In a hissing headlong flight,
Shriveling from off its face / As it fell into the sun / In an instant, every trace/Of the little crawling things-
Ants, philosophers, and lice /  Cattle, cockroaches, and kings / Beggars, millionaires, and mice,
Men and maggots, all as one / As it falls into the sun………………….
Who can say but at the same/ Instant from some planet far
A child may watch us and exclaim: / “See the pretty shooting star!” 

8 thoughts on “Pretty shooting star”

  1. loved the poem and this is a new poet to me. Bella is such a gentle giant who thinks she is a tiny dog. I wonder what the rabbits, frogs, and house wrens think of her. I would be intimidated. The blessing is that she is so sweet.


    1. I did to some degree with a mirror and a cardboard with a tiny hole. I was afraid for my eyes You had the special glasses, didn’t you? I find myself having really interesting dreams including people for 19 yrs ago. Life is fun.


  2. What a lovely poem!! I heard last night (watching eclipse via internet) that our lovely blue planet “only” has about a billion years to go. Then … we will indeed become a little shooting star to that far away child! Kind of a soothing thought, isn’t it.


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