Weekly Challenge – Blue

Chicory is another noxious weed to some but a beautiful blue beauty to me. The chicory plant is Cichorium intybus, is a hardy perennial with purplish-blue flowers that open and close at the exact same time each day. Chicory is common in North American and in Europe. Although chicory leaves are used in food (they are often known as endive, frisée, escarole or radicchio), chicory’s roots are the parts used to make ‘chicory.’ I love that they open and close at the same time every day.  By the school bus stop, there was a stand of these great blue flowers which I would admire each morning. I brought the camera to the bus stop in the afternoon and they were gone. Finally I brought the camera in the morning and could identify them. Then just for fun, I took pictures of things in my house that are blue.

23 thoughts on “Weekly Challenge – Blue”

  1. I thought the chicory was my bluecorn flower at first…
    I guess I have never seen it bloom, but now I must have some!
    does it come as a root or seed?…I think I have drank the coffee, not sure…
    I love your choices of blue…mine and my granddaughter’s favorite color…

    blue is a color to make you dream and wonder
    your dreamy thoughts to go deep and ponder
    blue skies, blue’s in arches of rainbows
    even some of the blue shows itself in shadows….
    a blue-funk day is a melancholy one
    a day where the couds inyour mind cover the sun
    no matter what seed of blue you send on the wind
    it will always return to you once again!

    Take care…


    1. I need to plant some of my own to know it’s habits better. Natural blues are always beautiful. I have never seen a blue rose, am I missing something?


  2. I love that the Chicory comes out the same time every day. I wonder whether the time alters according to the length of day or whether you can your watch by it? Your posts are igniting my curiosity. I have just come from the Red Hot Pokers.


  3. I didn’t know that chicory was the name of that pretty blue flower.. Not sure if I would put it in my yard but I do always love to see it. That blue is so pretty!


  4. I am familiar with chicory but had not ever seen it in bloom before. I loved the thumbnails of all of the blue things. You honor me with the one. Blessed be.


  5. We plant chicory in our gardens as a companion plant—and who doesn’t love that eye-popping blue every summer!


    1. It is actually a “take-off” on another book called Why Cats Paint. So it can to me as a gag gift but has the most amazing pictures of what appear to be wildly painted cats. Hopefully these pictures are photo-magic but really interesting.


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