4 for 1 a winning solution

What do greenways, disc golf, baseball fields and a community garden have in common?  These four are part of the same park where  Bella and I walk almost everyday. The community garden has been harvesting food and friendship for 8 yrs now. In addition to growing food for themselves, each plot holder agrees to grow 10% of their plot for donation. Last year 1,000 lbs of fresh produce was added to the local food pantry.  This year has seen the addition of fruit and nut trees, edible flowers and a native, medicinal plant border around the garden.

The park has three greenway trails, one by the river, one around the community garden and lastly one through the oaks. Each has its’ own beauty. Bella is partial to where she can go wading. Each trail is about 1/2 mile. In the middle of these are two ball fields. Which brings us to disc golf- I had never heard of this before the park. The course goes along the river and continues down one side of the garden. Disc golf is played by throwing a disc (Frisbee like) toward and hopefully into the mesh basket. Like golf, there are different discs for different tasks. There is even a disc golf association. Courses are apparently all over the US and 40 other countries. Having these options share the same space is a stroke of genius and many people use the park everyday.

For dog walkers, there are waste bag dispensers and frequent trash cans. Bella loves to charge into the water to get a drink everytime. Children decorate the sidewalk with hopscoth boards and personal pictures that wash away with the rain.


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