National Day of Prayer May 3

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My prayers may or may not be like your prayers but I believe that all prayer matters. “Part of our mind is bent on love, and part of it is bent on fear. We always have the choice to align ourselves with it’s presence and act accordingly in the world or give in to fear and on some level, die. Prayer enables us  to transform the world, because it transforms us.” This quote and the prayer to follow are from a 1994 book (still in print) called Illuminata by Marianne Williamson.

Morning Prayer

 Dear God,

I give this day to you.

May my mind stay centered on the things of spirit.

May I not be tempted to stray from love.

As I begin this day, I open to receive you.

Please enter where You already abide.

May my mind and heart be pure and true,

and may I not deviate from the things of goodness.

May I see the love and innocence in all mankind, behind the masks we all wear

and the illusions of this wordly plane.

I surrender to You my doings this day.

I ask only that they serve You and the healing of the world.

May I bring Your love and goodness with me, to give unto others wherever I go.

Make me the person You would have mebe.

Direct my footsteps, and show me what You would have me do.

Make the world a safer, more beautiful place.

Bless all Your creatures.

Heal us all, and use me, dear Lord, that I might

know the joy of being used by You.


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