Farewell and Thanks

There is a saying that I have found to be true- “Dogs have masters, Cats have staff.”

In 1998 a sweet grey cat was sitting on my porch one day. I gave her some water and explained to her that I had a cat who did not play well with other cats. She showed up day after day and Big Foot (resident Queen) did not seem to mind her. Neighbors from across the back field arrived one day, informed us she was their cat and took her home. The next day she was on the porch looking quite pleased with herself. We had been adopted. On July 4, 1998 she was suddenly much thinner. Three weeks later she brought her kittens out into the light. Big Foot passed the next year at 21 yrs old. The mother Cookie and her son Fluffy (we thought he was a girl) came to live with us. Two months ago I lost Fluffy to kidney failure and this week Cookie left to join her kittens. Animals teach us about unconditional love. I am grateful for the years we had together.

22 thoughts on “Farewell and Thanks”

  1. Such an honour to be adopted by a cat.
    I know the absence of loved pets lingers on. We are so lucky to have such lovely memories to sustain us and make us smile. Love to you.


  2. So sorry, I know the feeling and its a tough one! I still think about my dogs and how much I miss theme. The wonderful thing is the memories you kept, that is what will keep theme alive in your heart!


  3. So sorry for your loss of Cookie. The pictures of Cookie and Fluffy are beautiful! I feel sure she is reunited with Fluffy and her other kittens now. Such “tender spirits” our pets are, and always will be.


  4. Our furbabies are definitely family and take up a permanent residence in our hearts. Rest in Peace, Fluffy and Cookie. Big hugs from a few miles away, Mae. xo


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