I often say “All things in their time.” We have all heard it is all in the timing- a little simplistic but having a nugget of truth. This morning I turned on the computer and saw the doppler radar picture. A big rain storm was coming soon. I have a row of hostas that tangle Bella’s tie-out, moving them has been on “the list.” I turned the computer off, jumped into clothes and ran outside. I dug one up, separated it into seven little hosta plants and installed them in a new locations. Put my tools away, came in the house and it started to pour rain. What we here would call a “gully-washer.”  So today is about timing and pictures of this mornings’ labor. Sometimes I just get lucky!

  From thinkexist.com comes this wisdom:    “Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a rain dance”    Cowboy Proverb

9 thoughts on “Timing”

  1. Willy Nelson has a lyric about mamas don’t let your sons grow up to be cowboys. Maybe the spurs have something to do with it!


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