Quiz for today

Your question for today is:
What do Robert Penn Warren (April 24, 1905 – September 15, 1989) an American poet, novelist, and literary critic  and Margaret Mead (December 16, 1901 – November 15, 1978) an American cultural anthropologist have in common?   AND        What does an old timey band’s name have in common with a natural phenomenon?

The answer, which I am sure you guessed, is Blackberry Winter! Both authors write early works with the title Blackberry Winter.  The band’s name should be obvious now and also today’s weather pattern.
Prior to technological advances in meteorology, farmers would use such terms to know when to plant certain crops. Blackberries must have a cold snap to set buds on the blackberry canes. It comes with a somewhat less severe return of a continental polar air mass after the maritime tropical air masses have begun to dominate the weather. So, there will be a cold snap when the blackberries bloom, called Blackberry Winter. My sweet Bella attempted to stand in front of everything I was photographing so here she is with the wind in her hair.

13 thoughts on “Quiz for today”

  1. This post brought back lots of happy memories of berry picking in my grandmother’s back yard. And now I know why I will never see blackberry bushes here in southern CA. Thank you!


  2. I knew i liked you, We’re the same age, you write about staying in touch with the seasons, like Hafiz and now I see you have a cool do. Wow a gal after my own heart. 😉 I usually don’t promote myself this way, but I see you went to my blog but I also do a daily that I’d love for you to check out.


    1. I meant to comment when I visited your blog because I thought it was wonderful. I had never heard of Jennifer Berezan and was blown away by the beauty of her voice. And thrilled to find someone to follow nature and ritual in the fashion that I do .I’ll see you again no doubt. enclosed please find a hug.


      1. Thanks for the hug. So glad to share Jennifer she is a local artist and teacher in Berkeley Ca.Good to know that virtual ritual connected. I do prefer real world activities, too like a hike along a berry path.
        Hug back. Carol


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