plants and pots

This is my year for growing in containers. The first picture is the front of the house just planted and arranged. The second is my version of a raised bed. I am looking forward to seeing how the tomato and zuccini fare in their green pot. The other “bed” has sage, thyme, oregano and dill.  Of course the herbs will need transplanted so they have more room later. The parsley is in the front pot- I love nibbling when I water. I know it is not a thing of beauty but hey it’s a work in progress. Anyone have advice for me?


6 thoughts on “plants and pots”

  1. It looks just fine. I’m not sure if companion planting make a differance with container gardening but certain plants have an affinity for each other and the opposite holds true also.


  2. I am also going to grow lots of vegetables in pots this year. So far I have grown salad leaves, herbs and zucchini wih great success. (Especially basil). My zucchini tend to get mildew at the end of the season, but otherwise I just have to keep my eyes open for caterpillars! This year I have some container beetroot, pasnips and peas… Look forward to seeing how your containers do!


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