Change is in the air

A number of examples of the way things change or the way they stay the same have come to my view. Useless knowledge at Google offered this today.  “Some things never change: Cutouts of a moon and a star were used in colonial times on outhouse doors to designate the gender of the intended user.  Originally, the moon cutout was for women, and the star was for the men’s outhouses. But men’s outhouses were such a mess that the men prefered using the women’s outhouses. So, eventually the use of stars were phased out.” Stars were also harder to cut I imagine. Then I came across this quote by Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most resonsive to change.”

Last night I saw a PBS nature show which involved hiking in wilderness and sightings of wolves. An injured elk was seen and the wolves corralled him to the top of a hill. The narrator spoke about natural selection. Another female elk showed up on the scene and put herself between the wolves and her injured “sister” offering protection. In the morning both elk were there and the wolves were gone. The helper elk adapted to the situation knowing she was putting herself in danger.

Did you say to yourself, “What does a dogwood have to do with this?” Possibly they were white until man’s intervention.
Don’t know if that is true but it is a nice picture. Embrace change!

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