Abundance and Letting go

     I found this on a tree in my backyard, hidden behind some grown evergreens. A lone apple made last year and never released.  Was it struggling so hard, it was afraid to even let go of it’s only fruit or hoping someone would see it and say, Wow there’s an apple tree here. It has secured a better future for itself.
I had gone to capture some small gifts (others may call weeds) in my lawn. There are spots of color, purple Ajuga and white and pink daisy-like flowers. Tiny plants less than 3 in high and flowers maybe 1/2 inch wide, bunched together like a patchwork.

The Heart of Abundance by Candy Paul  : “Practicing the art of abundance means looking at the world as it is, right in front of you, not as you think it should be. It is a way of letting go of expectations and letting what is, what already exists, speak to you in a new way.”   Celebrating tiny gifts!


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