Discovering an old “friend”

In 1983 I picked up a little book called The Path to the Well-Spring by Dorothea Hover-Kramer. I have been through many house moves since then when book donations happen but this little volume has stayed with me. It is like discovering it anew each time. Looking for a poem for today I found it and then ,for fun, goggled the author. She has been busy 29 years as a RN,. psycotherepist, violinist, artist and a leader in the field of Energy Healing. Her latest book is called Second Chance at your Dream: Engaging your Body’s Energy Resources for optimal Aging, Creativity and Health. Written for Baby Boomers- feels like we grew up together. I don’t reference people lightly , but find her here: 

Affirmation by Dorothea Hover-Kramer
The heart of the poetry,
Center of your song
Is the Deep Self within.
And from that source
All thoughts are born,
They grow into actions and create results.

You are the thinker, The space between thoughts;
You are the body, The time between lives;
You are the sound And the music of silence;
You are the movement Of waves on the ocean,
The wightless flow of the wind.

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