Dandy Lions

When is something really pretty and happy looking considered ugly and loathsome? When it is a dandilion! Fortunately being in the country my neighbors don’t require that I war with these ….well…weeds. But they look like little suns shining in a field of green I think. I have always secretly loved them.

   Last year was my first spring here so everything that came up was a surprise. One plant I could not identify looked interesting so I carefully tended & watered it. When it flowered I was rewarded with these gorgeous flowers that closed every evening and opened to the morning light. I guess you can figure out what is coming. The dear man who mows my grass and helps tame the yard came and we made the plan for the day. It included removing weeds. You can imagine my surprise to see my tenderly cherished plant gone. “Just common Joe Pye weed.” said he. The look on his face said to me that he was wondering about my sanity. Ah well..he is not the first to do that. Enjoy beauty.


8 thoughts on “Dandy Lions”

  1. Hi Mae, Not sure if your weed guy’s up on his stuff, or not… Here’s what’s referred to around here as Joe Pye Weed http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eutrochium – a very attractive, incredibly useful plant and, to me at least, there’s nothing common about it or that lovely blossom you’ve pictured here: )
    Definition of a “weed” is “Something growing where it’s not wanted.” So stand your ground on what you want… obviously your weeds aren’t the same as his;)


  2. Years ago, I had a rural lawn too. When my son was little, he’d often pick a handful of dandelions and be so excited about giving them to me. They were beautiful flowers to him. I’ve never been presented with more beautiful bouquets. They are beautiful flowers to me too.
    : )


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