Egg hunt turns ugly

Easter Egg Hunt Canceled Due To Aggressive Parents by The Associated Press EnlargeAmy Sancetta/AP Thanks to some misbehaving parents, kids in part of Colorado Springs, Colo., won’t be having the kind of Easter fun that these Ohio kids had a few years ago.

This headline was in my enews today and saddened me on a number a levels. Last year the parents charged the field to make sure their child got an egg. Needless to say , adults were not allowed to even be on the field. What craziness is this first to think you as an adult has the right to be there in the first place. This is the me generation as parents? What kind of lesson are they teaching their children? And then there are the poor children looking forward to the joy of an egg hunt.

Last night I had a dream in which I was speaking about how amazing my Mother was at holidays. Granted in my awake life I did not appreciate so much of what she did until now. So this morning headline was a “coincidence” if you believe in such things. In my childhood, after church on easter morning my brother and I would come home and have an easter egg hunt in the back yard for hardboiled colored eggs and a rare chocolate egg. Then Mom would count our findings and tell us how many we missed and we would go back out until we found the rest. Our back yard was not large, we were young I guess. It was before plastic eggs.

My daughter, now 24, had egg hunts at home some years or at a friend’s house where the we parents would work together to fill plastic eggs and hide them. She also participated in the egg hunt at Biltmore House (Asheville’s local Vanderbilt mansion home now open to the public) for two years. We dyed and decorated eggs and made spring treats for the birds to hang on the outside trees. Do you have memories like this? or other? Please parent your children with love, they are the future.  Learn to nuture yourself, be the parent to yourself that you need with love.

6 thoughts on “Egg hunt turns ugly”

  1. Every hockey season we have some parent punching out another parent or the coach. I think it’s disgusting! What are we teaching our kids about sportsmanship, respect and self control?

    Locally we just had 3 girls (14-17)arrested for beating a 30 year old man almost to death and leaving him to die in the park where they all had been drinking. There are so many things wrong with that I won”t even start to cover them all. But what the hell is going on? Empower women YES! A woman should never have to fear a beating for saying no or having an opinion. Apparently this guy was on the ground and not defending himself and they just kept beating him; totally brutal. It makes me sick that our young people have such cold blooded attitudes.


    1. I do think this generation of youth or more violent and more immune to violence around them. Society also seems to have regressed to the 50 or 40ty. I am not sure of the answer. Thanks for writing back.


  2. This is truly what it’s come to with today’s generation of parents, I often get heated up just talking about it. It seems to be like this everywhere you look, everything is so darn competitive now. You can probably recount some similar issues you had to deal with from when your child was young – I know I can. By the way, we have having a 24-year old daughter in common! Mine turns 24 tomorrow. 🙂


    1.   So much to say I don’t know where to start! Happy day to your daughter and to you. I feel like I can relax a little and it is time for her to take personal responsibility for her life. One of my rants is about the change I saw in social dynamics during the school years, pushing girls to be competitive, like in sports, has made the popular girls also the meanest girls. Don’t get me wrong, I know that girls / woman can, should and will do anything and everything. There needs to be a different model for the strong empowered woman different from men which includes wisdom, softness and creativity.


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