Why I have a dog

 Most days I am able to keep a lightness of heart and walk the path of seeing the beauty around me. We already know there is much beauty in my surroundings which includes all the birds and birdsong I have yet to identify. But some days, the pain of my body and the life worries of money and the future can get the best of me for a while. Last night was one of those moments and I went ,as I am prone to do, to the internet for solace. cuteoverload.com to exact to see the daily posts of cute animals of all kinds- I find it balances the news quite well. One of the videos last night was of a tiny husky puppy listening and howling in sympathy with the recording of himself crying. Suddenly my dear Bella came running into the room, with head tilted and ears raised to find the puppy in distress. I replayed the clip and took this picture. So often she causes me to laugh out loud and takes me out of that serious mindset. And she takes me for walks so I can experience nature everyday. Next time I grumble about caring for her, hopefully I’ll remember the laughter.

11 thoughts on “Why I have a dog”

  1. It’s been a long while since I checked in… Yeah, the posts were arriving fast and furious from every part of the world till I had 3500 and I’ve been slowly digging myself out. What I’ve been doing lately to catch-up is liking all the posts in my folder, commenting on a few and starting afresh… TY for your patience. 🙂


  2. Your furbaby is beautiful. I miss having a dog – they really are your best friends. I can see all that unconditional love just spewing in this picture… just precious. 🙂


  3. I love my dog as well. She is always at my feet no matter how I feel.
    I am also impressed how you have changed your emotional state with a desire to do so and your chain of events are now uplifting me.


  4. I can relate. I’ve watched Rumpy cry when there’s a cat fight. I’ve watched him leap with joy when he arrives at daycare. I see him smile, frown, pout. He finds pleasure in the world for me on the days that I can’t.


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