Spring is REALLY here

Ah the first real day of spring. With all the flowering trees, bushes and plants it is hard to choose which to snap. When my Mother passed three years ago I bought a Magnolia like my neighbors that Mom loved so much. Last year it did not flower and barely grew, I thought I might lose it over the winter. Today for the Equinox it bloomed and I am glad. The weeping cherry trees come in pink and white. This post took me four tries because I kept losing pictures this morning but I did not know that Mom’s magnolia had bloomed- cosmic interference? solar flairs?


6 thoughts on “Spring is REALLY here”

    1. Thanks. I love color and how it changes. This morning one tree was that vibrant spring green, by the time I grabbed the camera, the light changed and it was gone.


  1. I am really enjoying watching your gardens bloom. I looked much of the day today for today’s new life and finally found it tonight. The pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for such a lovely blog.


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