Beauty wherever you find it

  These pictures are of a magnificent Magnolia tree that towers over my backyard. It was planted 12 yrs ago when my Father passed. His ashes are around it. I go out and say Hi Dad. Among the lesson he taught me was to look for beauty everywhere but more to make a habit of noticing and bearing witness. Nature is extravagent with beauty now seen in the blooming Bradford pear trees and the weeping cherry trees. Dad was fond of the following quote by Frank Lloyd Wright:

If you ignore beauty,

you will soon find

yourself without it…

But if you invest in beauty,

it will remain with you

all the days of your life.

4 thoughts on “Beauty wherever you find it”

  1. I will witness your spring and tell you about my autumn/fall.

    I am in Southern Tasmania, Australia. Next stop Antarctica 😀
    At the moment the air is a cacophony of birdsong. They are here in flocks attracted to pine cones and berries. There are Ravens, White Cockatoos, Blackbirds, Plovers and another that I should know but am unsure, maybe Starlings. We normally have a few of each not the big flocks, here now.


  2. What a lovely site and sensibility. Thank you for following my site and thereby leading me here.
    I live on an old property with my small family and our pets. I love how the plants mark the seasons of our life, storing memories that link us to other phases of our life. With each blooming or budding we add more stories.


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