Spring Fever

  This is my dear friend and companion Bella Luna. Even she has Spring Fever- throwing her toys around, squeeking the squeekers and rolling around like a pig in mud. I understand- it was 77 degrees here today and all the people on the streets seemed drunk on fresh air and sunshine. What a day. The following (below the picture)  is a poem that was printed in WNC Woman march 2012.


Winter or No Winter by Joan Harrison

What is it about Spring?

The uplifted moments.

The deeper breaths.

Hope throwing back the covers,

   Despair swept out the door.

There is a new fragrance in the air

So much better than dryer sheets.

There are new dreams being born

Without scalpels.

But the thrill that never fades 

The moment not forgotten

Is the movement of ground,

The peeking of the sprout:

Crocus pop-ups overnight,

Hellebore appearing through the snow.

Daffodil soldiers announcing a parade to come.

As the fern unfurls

And the little brown jugs

Appear on the forest floor,

The human heart finds renewal

And Love, once more reigns

For a season.

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