Nature near me

This saying was in my email this morning- seemed appropriate.

“Go out,” he said, “into an open space every morning. Just for 15 minutes. The  ideal place to go to would be a garden or a lawn. Standing there, spend time  observing the petals, buds, leaves, blades of grass, and the way the sunshine  kisses the dew. Nature has a way of making you feel present in the moment.   If you are on the terrace, watch the clouds, the blue skies, the birds streaking  by. For the rest of the day, you will feel energetic and happy deep within.
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So much has bloomed overnight the trees are starting to pop.  My Thyme, Sage and Rosemary are all up and doing well. These daylilies are a testament to their strength- I dug them up in the fall and did not have time to replant them. They are sitting out in the open under a cherry tree with roots showing and they are growing anyway. How forgiving of them!

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